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Copal Electronics

- Copal Electronics, founded in 1967 and a subsidiary of Nidec Corporation, is a global supplier to the telecommunications, computer, industrial, medical, and semiconductor equipment markets. Products designed and manufactured for these markets include trimmer and precision potentiometers, switches, optical encoders, and DC fans. Copal has also expanded its’ new product development activity into areas including silicon pressure sensors, polygon laser scanners, DC turbo fans, and thermal variable attenuators.


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Image of Copal's RE12x Series Optical Encoders

RE12A, RE12C, and RE12D Optical Encoders

Copal Electronics introduces their RE12A, RE12C, and RE12D series of sensing optical encoders, ideal for compact applications.

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Image of Copal Electronics' REC20 and RES20 encoders

REC20 and RES20 Optical Encoders

Copal Electronics' REC20 and RES20 optical encoders are for use in applications that require manual setting and are available in multiple resolution options.

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Image of Copal's Ultra-Miniature Slide Switches

MFS and MHS Series Ultra-Miniature Slide Switches

The MFS and MHS product lines are two of Copal's logic level, ultra-miniature, low profile slide switch offerings.

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Image of Copal Electronics' M22L10 Wirewound Multi-Turn Potentiometer

M22L10 Multi-Turn Potentiometer

Copal Electronics' M22L10 wirewound potentiometers have a long life of at least five million rotational cycles.

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Image of Copal Electronics' CFS Series Dip Slide Switches

CFS Series DIP Slide Switches

Copal Electronics' CFS product line offers .1” pitch DIP switches available with SMT or through-hole PC terminals.

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Image of Copal Electronics' ES Standard Slide Switches

ES Standard Slide Switches

The ES series offers Copal Electronics’ unique, standard-size, high-capacity slide switches for applications requiring up to 25 A ratings.

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Product Training Modules View All (18)

Optical Rotary Encoder

Optical Rotary Encoder

Duration: 5 minutes

Typical applications include medical devices, surveillance cameras, broadcast equipment, factory automation, three-dimensional measuring system, analyzers, and machine tools.


Pushbutton Switch

Duration: 5 minutes

From miniature to standard size switches, Copal Electronics has a wide variety of pushbutton switches to choose from.


3D CAD Models

Duration: 5 minutes

3D CAD models are now available for Nidec Copal Electronics’ Switches.


Slide Switch

Duration: 5 minutes

From miniature to standard size switches, logic level PC mount to 25A power rated, PC Mount and panel mount, Copal Electronics has a slide switch to meet your needs.

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