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I need help to develop the program and choose which Bluetooth module is suitable for this use , with a range of one meter.  If you can just tell me about the program is already great. However, this program can be applied in any Bluetooth ? 1 week ago by LanceLK LanceLK
Fold Away,  Self Cleaning Table 1 week ago by papalyle papalyle
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2 out of 3 ain't bad 1 week ago by JohnDavis JohnDavis
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50 ohm PCB Antenna for Zigbee Transciever 3 weeks ago by daisy18 daisy18
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Can I use a standard LED light bulb ? 1 month ago by Ronarketct Ronarketct
uWATCH : a DIY Open source scientific calculator arm wrist watch 1 month ago by MicrochipRTCfr MicrochipRTCfr
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