3W 3535 Surface-Mount UV LEDs

Broadcom's energy-efficient UV LEDs are ideal for applications that require superior robustness and high efficiency

Image of Broadcom's AUV3-SQ32-0RT0K UV LEDsBroadcom's 3W 3535 surface-mount UV LEDs are energy-efficient LEDs that can be driven at a high driving current and can dissipate heat efficiently, resulting in higher reliability. Their low-profile package design addresses a wide variety of applications where superior robustness and high efficiency are required. They are packaged with ceramic-based materials and the quartz lens on top of the package provides the product longevity needed for the respective end applications.

The 3W 3535 surface-mount UV LEDs are compatible with the reflow soldering process. To facilitate easy pick-and-place assembly, the LEDs are packed in tape-and-reel. Each reel is shipped in single-flux and single-color bin to ensure close uniformity.

  • High-reliability package with quartz encapsulation
  • High-radiant flux output using InGaN dice technology
  • Available wavelength range: 360 nm to 400 nm
  • Available viewing angles: 35° and 60°
  • Compatible with the reflow soldering process
  • Industrial curing
  • Photocatalyst purification
  • Medical
  • Horticulture

3W 3535 Surface-Mount UV LEDs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeCurrent - DC Forward (If) (Max)WavelengthAvailable QuantityView Details
3W 3535, 35DEG, 365NMAUV3-SQ32-0RT0K3W 3535, 35DEG, 365NMUltraviolet (UV)700mA365nm982 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2021-08-31