Sensata Solutions for Commercial Beverage

The trends in beverage systems are leading to an increase need for better and more efficient sensors and electronics

Consumers' tastes in beverages have grown more eclectic over the years. Restaurants and cafes are expected to have the variety necessary to satisfy a plethora of different beverage desires. Furthermore, the prevalence of self-service beverage systems has increased as well. Through automation they need to provide complex drinks to the customer in a consistent fashion. Versatility and automation are not the only factors, size is also critical. Bar and kitchen space is at a premium and operators expect their beverage machine to accomplish more in the same or smaller footprint. Lastly, durability is a major concern as well. Beverage systems need to withstand the wear and tear of constant commercial usage, as going down during the workday causes disgruntled customers and a loss of business.



  • Switches and Relays
  • Pressure Sensors and Switches
  • Temperature
  • Position Sensors and Encoders

Switches and Relays

Switches and relays are used to turn various parts of the beverage system on and off. Relays are in small packages that suit small space constraints of the beverages systems while providing precise load control.

EL Series PMP Series

Pressure Sensors and Switches

Pressure Sensors and Switches are critical to the monitoring of beverage systems. Sensata's pressure sensors are used to monitor liquid pressure or regulate mixing of ingredients.

116CP Series P500 Series


Temperature sensors and switches are vital to monitoring temperature sensitive beverage systems. Our temperature switches allow for precise control in wash-down environments.

1NT Series 3NT Series

Position Sensors and Encoders

Position sensors are important in automated beverage equipment that require metering ingredients before dispensing the drink. Our Hall Effect sensors can be a low-cost position sensor option that are accurate and cost effective.

ACW4 Series