TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays

- TE Connectivity P&B, formerly Tyco Electronics P&B serves many industries, including appliance, HVAC, industrial control, computer peripheral, and security. P&B offers a variety of relays and circuit breakers to meet your specifications. Electromechanical, solid state and time delay relays for PC board and panel/plug-in mounting. Thermal and magnetic circuit breakers. Additional relay brands from TE Connectivity available for immediate delivery at Digi-Key also include Kilovac, Products Unlimited, Schrack, OEG, Axicom, and Agastat.

Signal Relays

Image of TE Connectivity's Potter & Brumfield Signal Relays

TE Connectivity signal relays offer a broad feature set permitting users to closely match a relay with the requirements of applications ranging from telecommunications systems and test equipment to industrial controls and driver information systems in automobiles. Learn More

Circuit Breakers

Image of TE Connectivity's Potter & Brumfield Circuit Breakers

TE Connectivity's thermal circuit breakers are available with rocker, push-pull, toggle, and push-to-reset actuators. These circuit breakers combine on/off switching with circuit protection in a single unit. Learn More

Panel Plug-In Relays

Image of TE Connectivity's Potter & Brumfield Panel Plug-In Relays

The TE Connectivity panel plug-in relays provide a plug-in or panel-mount option in 1 to 4 pole configurations and even up to 8 poles with some versions. Their transparent covers allow for visual observance of the relay's internal component functionality. Learn More

Featured Products

Image of TE Connectivity's RZ Relays

RZ Relays

TE Connectivity presents the RZ relay, the next generation of the successful RT series product line - a relay delivering excellent performance. At 85°C ambient temperature and 16 A switching current, 50,000 cycles are VDE approved and UL recognized. The RZ relay range is comprised of single-pole relays with normally open or changeover contacts. It offers a choice of AgNi or AgSnO contact materials. Learn More

Image of TE Connectivity's P2 Series Relays

P2 Series Relays

TE Connectivity's P2 series, or V23079, third generation signal relay offers a great combination of features in its slim line package. Contacts are rated 2 amps, but they can switch up to 5 amps, the highest switching capability of TE third generation relays. Learn More

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RZF Series Power Relays

TE Connectivity’s RZF series is a line of compact relays that offer through-hole technology (THT) printed circuit board (PCB) terminals. Learn More

SSRDC Series Solid State Relays

TE Connectivity's solid state relays SSRDC series utilizes DC switching technology with low power dissipation FETs which includes optical coupling. Learn More

SSRK and SSRM Series Solid State Relays

TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield's SSRK/SSRM series of relays are used in heating, lighting, industrial automation, and industrial machinery applications. Learn More

SSR/SSRD/SSRT Series Solid State Relays

TE Connectivity’s Potter and Brumfield solid state relays benefit industrial applications where silent, fast, and long electrical life in switching is required. Learn More

T9V Series Power Relay

TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays’ T9V series power relay provides an ideal solution for disconnect switch applications. Learn More

Potter & Brumfield Relay T9G Series

TE Connectivity Potter & Brumfield Relays’ T9G series are 30 A power PCB relays for HVAC, appliance, and industrial control applications. Learn More

Tools & Support

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Relay Products Catalog

TE Relay Products offers an extremely broad range of relays for application in many different markets. Appliance, Alternative Energy, Automotive, Alternative Power Vehicle, Communication, Building Equipment, Industrial, and Power Metering are some of the key industries served. Learn More

Image of TE Connectivity's Potter & Brumfield Material Handling

Innovative Solutions for Material Handling

TE Connectivity (TE) is your material handling solution provider for electromechanical and electronic components. Whether you are designing a new system or retrofitting an existing system, this solutions guide will help you select the required components. Learn More

Image of TE Connectivity's Potter & Brumfield Circuit Breakers

UL 1500 Ignition Protected Circuit Breakers

The UL 1500 Ignition Protected Circuit Breakers meet all requirements while offering ratings from 200 milliamps to 50 amps in both magnetic and thermal types. Termination options include quick connect terminals at various angles, screws, printed circuit board terminals, and studs. Learn More

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PT Series Relays Publish Date: 2012-01-16

Advanced design features, industry standard footprint, and magnetic structure allow the PT series to be highly reliable and efficient.

Duration: 5 minutes
XT Series Relays Publish Date: 2012-01-16

Series of compact relays which require less coil power than competing products. Also see TE's large product portfolio of XT relays including relay sockets.

Duration: 5 minutes
Circuit Breakers Publish Date: 2012-01-16

This tutorial discusses the different types of circuit breakers, their operation and applications.

Duration: 15 minutes
PC Board and DIN SSRs Publish Date: 2012-01-16

The PC board and DIN mount solid state relays key features include long life and quiet operation.

Duration: 10 minutes

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Compact RTX Relay for High Inrush Loads

The bistable RTX relay efficiently switches 320A inrush currents and carries and breaks 16A loads.

Automotive Relays

TE Connectivity offers a complete range of electromechanical devices designed to switch a few milliamps up to several kiloamps.

TE Connectivity’s 3D Intelligent Building

Discover the broad range of application and product solutions that TE offers to solve your interconnect challenges.