Direct PCB Plug SKEDD Connectors

What do you get when you combine a reliable direct PCB press-fit contact with a connector that can easily be plugged and detached?

Image source: Wurth Electronics

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Connectors based on SKEDD contact technology plug directly into plated through-holes on the PCB without the need of a header. No special PCB processing is needed, but the hole pattern must be followed and the plated through hole specification for press-in technology must be adhered to.

Image source: Wurth Electronics

The contacts are designed with a split beam so the connector can easily be plugged into and removed from the PCB. No special tooling is needed to connect to the PCB since connections are made directly by hand. When properly mated to a PCB, the contact forms a gas-tight connection, eliminating the possibility of corrosion.


Application-specific connections can be implemented for signal, data or power transmission. Multiple connector hole patterns can be designed into a single PCB up front to provide modularity and different functionality during final product assembly. Since the connector is removable it can be used temporarily for programming during manufacturing or in the field for debugging. Cost savings may be realized by elimination of a PCB header and associated processing or assembly steps.

Wurth Electronics

Wurth Electronics' SKEDD-based connectors combine the direct PCB plug with ribbon cable IDC connectors or pre-pressed ribbon cables. They feature friction lock guide pins, reverse polarity protection, and support a minimum of 10 mating cycles.

Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact’s SKEDD-based connectors combine the direct PCB plug with push-in spring connection contacts. The single row SDC 2.5 family supports 24-12 AWG and the double row SDDC 1.5 family supports 24-16 AWG solid and stranded conductors. They feature lateral body-bound rivets for additional mechanical stability and support a minimum of 25 mating cycles.

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