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Image of TDK-Lambda TPF45000-385 Non-Isolated Modular AC/DC Power Supply
TPF45000-385 Non-Isolated Modular AC/DC Power Supply

TDK Lambda’s 45 kW AC/DC power supply provides 385 VDC for distributed power, LED lighting, and DC microgrids.

Rectangular Power Connector Range - Bulgin
Rectangular Power Connector Range

The Bulgin rectangular power connector range offers a reliable, rugged solution for cable-to-cable applications in harsh environments.

Image of New Japan Radio's NJG1159PHH-A GNSS Front-End Module
NJG1159PHH-A GNSS Front-End Module

New Japan Radio's NJG1159PHH-A is a front-end module (FEM) designed for GNSS, including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo applications.

Image of Adam Tech's Power Wire-to-Board Solutions
Power Wire-to-Board Solutions

Adam Tech's power wire-to-board solutions offering is comprised of high-current and high-voltage connectors.

Image of Swissbit's N-20 M.2 SSD Modules
N-20 M.2 SSD Modules

Swissbit’s N-20 M.2 SSD modules utilize an EN-20 PCIe®-BGA component to minimize PCB space requirements and offer a wide storage capacity range of up to 480 GB.

Image of Abracon's 5G Sub-6GHz UWB Antennas
5G Sub-6 GHz UWB Antennas

Abracon's 5G Sub-6 GHz UWB antennas are ideal for cellular connectivity applications that need high-speed and large quantity data transferring capabilities.

Image of Taoglas' mmWave Cable Assemblies
mmWave Cable Assemblies

Taoglas’ mmWave cable assemblies offer high-speed and satellite communications for military and aerospace applications requiring 26 GHz or 40 GHz.

Image of Adam Tech's Latching and Locking Wire-to-Board Solutions
Latching and Locking Wire-to-Board Solutions

Adam Tech's latching and locking wire-to-board solutions are comprised of two product types both boasting the same secure mating capabilities.

Image of Würth Elektronik's WE-HCIT THT High Current Inductor
WE-HCIT THT High-Current Inductor

Würth Elektronik's WE-HCIT THT high-current inductors are AEC-Q200 Grade 1 qualified and available in 1008 and 1010 package sizes.

Image of Würth Elektronik's WE-LANMX Connector
WE-LANMX Connectors

Würth Elektronik's WE-LANMX connector features high mechanical stability via through-hole reflow soldering and integrated magnetics to save space.

Image of Würth Elektronik's WE-FCLP Common Mode Power Line Choke
WE-FCLP Common-Mode Power Line Choke

Würth Elektroniks WE-FCLP common mode power line chokes for power lines with high leakage inductance.

Image of Würth Elektronik's WL-S7DS and WL-T7DS Series
WL-S7DS and WL-T7DS Series LEDs

Würth Elektronik's WL-S7DS and WL-T7DS series LEDs are available in SMT and THT versions and feature a mono-color display with single digit and grey surfaces.

Image of Taoglas’ MA1280 – Raptor III 7-in-1 Public Safety Antenna with LMR Whip
MA1280 Raptor III 7-in-1 Public Safety Antenna with LMR Whip

Taoglas’ MA1280 Raptor III provides multiple antenna connections suitable for all automotive and commercial trucking applications in a sleek, covert enclosure.

Image of ON Semiconductor’s 30 V to 60 V Trench6 N-Channel MOSFET
30 V to 60 V Trench6 N-Channel MOSFET

ON Semiconductor’s 30 V to 60 V T6 N-Channel MOSFET process has been optimized to minimize on-state resistance while maintaining superior switching performance.

Image of ON Semiconductor's eFuse Porfolio
eFuse Porfolio

ON Semiconductor's eFuse device is suitable for protecting any system, making it well suited for meeting challenges and supporting compact board layouts.