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Image of Littelfuse 5000W Single Chip TVS Diodes - 5.0SMDJxxS Series
5000 W Single-Chip TVS Diodes - 5.0SMDJxxS Series

Littelfuse’s 5.0SMDJxxS series of single-chip TVS diodes meet a variety of approvals and protections.

Image of Jonard Tools Technician’s Tool Bag Backpack
Technician's Tool Bag Backpack

Jonard Tools’ technician tool bag offers a variety of space to hold tools and delicate items such as safety glasses.

Image of Jonard Tools Pocket Continuity Tester and Toner
Pocket Continuity Tester and Toner

Jonard Tools’ pocket continuity tester and toner is designed to detect troublesome short circuits.

Image of ERNI Electronics' MicroSpeed Connectors
MicroSpeed Connectors

ERNI's MicroSpeed connectors enable data transmission up to 25 Gb/s with high signal quality and reliability while offering multiple heights and row versions.

Image of Wolfspeed's CAB008A12GM3 Half-Bridge Module
CAB008A12GM3 Half-Bridge Module

Wolfspeed’s CAB008A12GM3 1200 V, 8 mΩ SiC half-bridge module is ideal for increasing efficiency and power density in a compact, industry standard footprint.

Image of TDK-Lambda’s CUS500M1 Series 3" x 5” Medical/Industrial Power Supplies
CUS500M1 Series 3" x 5" Medical Industrial Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda’s CUS500M1 is suitable for use in a wide range of Class I or Class II (double insulated) applications.

Image of TE Connectivity/AMP's GNSS Ceramic Antennas
GNSS Ceramic Antennas

TE Connectivity Connectors' GNSS ceramic antennas help to save costs with minimum associated components required.

Image of ODU's ODU MEDI-SNAP® Plastic Circular Connector
ODU MEDI-SNAP® Plastic Circular Connector

ODU's MEDI-SNAP®plastic circular connector is IEC 60601-1, 2 MOPP, and 2 MOOP compliant for maximum patient and operator protection.

Image of Amphenol Sine's PanelMate™ AT and ATP Series Connectors
PanelMate™ Family Connectors

Amphenol's PanelMate™ series combines flange mounting options with the reliability of the AT/ATP Series™ environmentally-sealed thermoplastic connection system.

Image of Amphenol Sine's MagnaMate™ ATHP Series Connectors
MagnaMate™ ATHP Series Connectors

Amphenol's MagnaMate™ ATHP Series is a rugged thermoplastic power connector series featuring the surety and high-performance contact technology of RADSOK®.

Image of IXYS' 600 V Ultra-Junction X3 HiPerFET™ Discrete MOSFETs
600 V Ultra Junction X3 HiPerFET™ Discrete MOSFETs

The IXYS 600 V ultra junction X3-class HiPerFET™ discrete N-Channel MOSFETs provide an excellent figure of merit (on-resistance times gate charge).

Image of Phoenix Contact's CONTACTRON Speed Starter
CONTACTRON Speed Starter

Phoenix Contact's CONTACTRON speed starters provide functions for different speeds, soft start, and safe stopping with the Safe Torque Off (STO) function.

Image of TDK's BCS Series Low Illumination Film Solar Cells
BCS Series Low Illumination Film Solar Cells

TDK's BCS series are thin, lightweight, and flexible solar cells offering high power generation efficiency under fluorescent and LED light sources.

Image of Wolfspeed's S-Band Radar Portfolio
S-Band Radar Portfolio

Wolfspeed’s S-Band radar portfolio consists of a variety of solution platforms, including MMICs, IM-FETs, and transistors for pulsed and CW S-Band applications.

Image of Littelfuse's DCN Series DC Contactor Relays
High-Voltage, High-Current DC Contactor Relays – DCN Series

Littelfuse's DCN series DC contactor relays are suitable for applications such as electric vehicles and other electronic control systems.