Power MOSFETs for Wireless Charging

The wireless charging market is dominated by two standards: inductive (Qi) and resonant (resonant AirFuel). Infineon is offering (solutions) Power MOSFETs for both standards and is an active member of the leading wireless charging alliances: the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and AirFuel

What is wireless charging?

Wireless charging uses electromagnetic fields to transfer power from a transmitter to a receiver application to charge the according battery. This erases the need of physical connectors and cables to transfer power – one of many benefits of this technology.

Why use wireless charging?

Compared to wired solutions wireless charging offers many benefits. We already mentioned that it erases the need of connectors and cables; this also improves reliability in rugged environments due to less entry points for dust, water, etc.. Further advantages of wireless charging are improved safety, no more need for different plugs for different devices, the possibility to charge several devices at once, and easy charging in public places, to name just a few.

BSZ0909ND OptiMOS™ Half Bridge

Infineon’s optimized solution for wireless power and drives

BSZ0909ND Image

The BSZ0909ND fits perfectly in wireless charging or drives (e.g. drones and multicopters) architectures where designers target to simplify the layout and significantly save space without compromising on efficiency.

The OptiMOS™ technology combined with the PQFN 3x3 package offers an optimized solution for DC/DC applications with space-critical requirements.

Further the BSZ0909ND is a leading product in the industry when it comes to fast switching. It has an optimized figure-of-merit for gate charge times RDS(on) (Qg*RDS(on)) to achieve low switching and conduction losses at 6.78 MHz.

Features Benefits Applications
  • Ultra-low Qg
  • Small 3.0 x 3.0 mm2 package
  • Exposed pads
  • Logic level (4.5 V rated)
  • RoHS compliant 6/6
    (full lead-free)
  • Low switching losses
  • High switching frequency
  • Lowest parasitics
  • Low operating temperature
  • Low gate drive losses
  • RoHS 6/6 lead-free product
  • Wireless charging
  • Drives (e.g.
Sales name Package RDS(on)max.
@VGS= 4.5 V
@VGS= 4.5 V
BSZ0909ND WISON-8 25.0 1.8 65.0
BSZ0909ND Icons

IR MOSFET™ - IRL60HS118 and IRL80HS120

Infineon’s optimized solution for wireless power and drives

IR Mosfet Image

Infineon’s IR MOSFET™ IRL60HS118 and IRL80HS120 - logic level power MOSFETs - are highly suitable for wireless charging applications. The PQFN 2 x 2 package is especially suited for high-speed switching and form factor critical applications, enabling high power density and improved efficiency as well as significant space saving.

The low gate charge Qg reduces switching losses without compromising conduction losses. Despite the low gate charge, the logic level products achieve a lower RDS(on) compared to the next best alternatives. The improved Figures of Merit (FoM) allow operations at high switching frequencies. Furthermore, the logic level drive provides a low gate threshold voltage VGS(th), allowing the MOSFET to be driven at 5 V and directly from microcontrollers.

Features Benefits Applications
  • Lowest FOM [RDS(on) x Qg/gd]
  • Optimized Qg, COSS, & QRR
    for fast switching
  • Logic level compatibility
  • Tiny PQFN 2 x 2 mm package
  • Smallest package footprint
  • Higher power density designs
  • Higher switching frequency
  • Reduced parts count wherever
    5 V supplies are available
  • Driven directly from microcontrollers
    (slow switching)
  • System cost reduction
  • Wireless charging
  • DC-DC converters
  • Adapters
Package Product Voltage class
RDS(on) Max. @ 4.5VGS
Qg Typ.@ 4.5VGS
2 x 2
IRL80HS120 60 24 5.3 97,0
IRL60HS118 80 42 4.7 150,4

Resonant AirFuel (A4WP)

The Resonant AirFuel (A4WP) standard is used to deliver power, typically for wireless charging and follows the principle of magnetic resonance using a relatively high frequency of 6.78 MHz. For MHz switching implementations Infineon has released a superior Dual-MOSFET in 30 V (BSZ0909) for resonant Class D Inverter designs.

  Inductive single-coil Inductive multi-coil Magnetic resonance
Standard Qi or inductive AirFuel (PMA) 100-300 kHz Qi or inductive AirFuel (PMA) 100-300 kHz Resonant AirFuel (A4WP) 6.78 MHz
Positioning of receiver application Exact positioning Positioning more flexible(typical <10 mm vertical freedom) Free positioning (typically up to 50 mm vertical freedom)
# of devices charged Charges only one device Charges multiple devices Charges multiple devices
Rx-Tx communication In-band communication Communication on Bluetooth Low Energy

Besides our superior Dual-MOSFET in 30 V we have a lot of other parts available for resonant Class D and Class E designs.

Part Number Voltage Package Description Topology
IRLHS6376TRPbF 30 V 2 x 2 PQFN Dual IR MOSFET ™ Class D
BSZ0909ND 30 V 3.3 x3.3 PQFN Dual N-Channel Power MOSFET Class D
BSZ0506NS 30 V 3.3x3.3 PQFN N-Channel Power MOSFET Class D
BSZ065N03LS 30 V 3.3x3.3 PQFN N-Channel Power MOSFET Class D
BSZ300N15NS5 150 V 3.3x3.3 PQFN N-Channel Power MOSFET Class E
BSZ900N15NS3 150 V 3.3x3.3 PQFN N-Channel Power MOSFET Class E
BSZ900N20NS3 200 V 3.3x3.3 PQFN N-Channel Power MOSFET Class E
BSZ22DN20NS3 200 V 3.3x3.3 PQFN N-Channel Power MOSFET Class E
BSZ42DN25NS3 250 V 3.3x3.3 PQFN N-Channel Power MOSFET Class E
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