TPS543B20 Synchronous Step-Down SWIFT™ Converter

Texas Instruments' TPS543B20 4 VIN to 19 VIN, 25 A stackable synchronous step-down SWIFT converter with adaptive internal compensation

Image of Texas Instruments' TPS543B20 Synchronous Step-down SWIFT™ ConverterTexas Instruments' TPS543B20 employs an internally compensated emulated peak-current-mode control, with a clock synchronizable, fixed-frequency modulator for EMI-sensitive POL. The internal integrator and directly amplifying ramp tracking loop eliminate the need for external compensation over a wide range of frequencies thereby making the system design flexible, dense, and simple. Optional asynchronous pulse injection (API) and body braking help improve transient performance by significantly reducing undershoot and overshoot, respectively. Integrated NexFET™ MOSFETs with low-loss switching facilitate high efficiency and deliver up to 25 A in a 5 mm x 7 mm PowerStack™ package with a layout friendly thermal pad.

  • Internally-compensated advanced current mode control 25 A POL
  • Input voltage range: 4 V to 19 V
  • Output voltage range: 0.6 V to 5.5 V
  • Integrated 4.1/1.9 mΩ stacked NexFET power stage with lossless low-side current sensing
  • Fixed frequency - synchronization to an external clock and/or sync out
  • Pin strapping programmable switching frequency from 300 kHz to 2 MHz
  • Pin strapping programmable reference from 0.6 V to 1.1 V with 0.5% accuracy
  • Differential remote sensing
  • Safe start-up into pre-biased output
  • High-accuracy hiccup current limit
  • API and body braking
  • 40-pin, 5 mm x 7 mm LQFN package with 0.5 mm pitch and single thermal pad
  • Create a custom design using the TPS543B20 with the WEBENCH® Power Designer
  • Wireless and wired communications infrastructure equipment
  • Enterprise servers, switches, and routers
  • Enterprise storage, SSD
  • ASIC, SoC, FPGA, DSP core and I/O rails

TPS543B20 Synchronous Step-Down SWIFT Converter

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Evaluation Module

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EVAIL MODTPS543B20EVM-799EVAIL MOD6 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2017-10-24