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American Electrical, Inc.

Image of American Electrical's Thermocouple Terminal Blocks

Thermocouple Terminal Blocks

American Electrical's DIN rail mounted thermocouple terminal blocks are available in types K and J.

Image of American Electrical's Crimp Wire Ferrules

Crimp Wire Ferrules

American Electrical's crimp wire ferrules are available in three color codes. Used to terminate stranded wires and used with European-style terminal blocks.

Image of American Electrical's Junction/Hook-Up Boxes

Junction Hook-Up Boxes

American Electrical's junction/hook-up boxes and accessories are an easy solution for securely connecting wires in small electrical or electronic applications.

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Recent PTMs

5 minutes
Thermocouple Terminal Blocks
The two different types of thermocouple terminal blocks - J and K - and advantages for using thermocouple blocks.
5 minutes
Cable Grip Overview
Cable grips are easily utilized and provide IP68 protection from debris and water - the highest IP rating available
5 minutes
DIN Rail Mounted Circuit Breakers
Offering 4 types of DIN rail mounted circuit breakers with 3 of them, the 2 AC versions and the DC version being one of the thinnest in the industry at 13 mm.
5 minutes
Junction Box/Hook-Up Enclosure
The kit is provided pre-assembled with no need to procure and assemble all the parts making it a fast and easy way to make electrical connections.
5 minutes
Wire Ferrules Overview
Wire ferrules provide more secure connections, increased conductivity in circuit connections, decreased resistivity, and improved connection integrity.
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About American Electrical, Inc.

American Electrical, Inc. (AEI) sells Industrial Electrical Components in and around the control enclosure. American Electrical specializes in the Connection, Power and Protection of control circuitry. Most of the product lines offered by American Electrical, Inc. are derived from the application of the DIN Rail.

Many of the products simply snap on to the DIN Rail - Terminal Blocks, Fuse Holders, Circuit Breakers, Interface Modules, Disconnect Switches and Wire Ferrules (with associated Tools for crimping) along with Cable Grips to provide strain relief for cables entering the control enclosure. The DIN Rail system allows the end user to quickly install the rail and easily snap on control components - this saves space, time and money - all valuable assets. Utilization of DIN Rail is now the Standard in the Control Products Industry. American Electrical, Inc. is proud to offer its products with and through Digi-Key.