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- Sensata Technologies manufactures and commercializes one of the most preferred brands of Solid State Relays around the world under its sub-brand, Sensata - Crydom. Long recognized as an expert in Solid State Relay and Controls Technology, Sensata - Crydom offers a wide variety of off-the-shelf Solid State Relays and Contactors, I/O Modules & mounting boards, Controls and Power Modules, and specializes in custom designed solid state switching solutions for any application. At Sensata Technologies, innovation and technology combine to exceed our Customer's most demanding performance requirements.

Sensata Technologies is one of the world's leading suppliers of sensing, electrical protection, control and power management solutions with operations and business centers in 13 countries. Sensata's products improve safety, efficiency and comfort for millions of people every day in automotive, appliance, aircraft, industrial, military, heavy vehicle, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), data, telecommunications, recreational vehicles and marine applications.

Solid State Switching Technology

Image of Crydom's SeriesOne DR Timer

Crydom’s solid state switching technology series including LifePlus ED, SeriesOne DR, SeriesOne DR Timer, PowerPlus DC & more available at DigiKey. Learn More

Redesigned 4th Generation SSRs

Crydom S1 Generation 4


Crydom’s newly redesigned, fourth generation of solid state relays now provide higher levels of performance and reliability. Available at Digi-Key! Learn More

NOVA22 Solid State Relays

Crydom NOVA22 Solid State Relays

NOVA 22 solid state relays from Crydom are AC or DC models with a wide 22.5 mm package and a range of connection types, making them a versatile relay. Learn More

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HS Series Publish Date: 2009-09-29

The Crydom HS series includes heat sinks accepting 1, 2, or 3 industry standard, single, dual, or 3-phase solid state relays (SSRs).

Evolution Duals Publish Date: 2009-10-24

Crydom's Evolution Duals offer improved mechanical and thermal design for applications such as Food Industry Equipment, Lighting, and Electric Heaters.

SeriesOne DR Solid State Relays Publish Date: 2010-11-30

Crydom's SeriesOne DR family of AC and DC output DIN rail mounted solid state relays are intended for use in applications where higher output power ratings are required.

HDC Series Contactors Publish Date: 2012-06-29

Crydom expands its extensive line of DC switching solutions with the introduction of the HDC series rated up to 160 amps and 200 VDC.

LifePlus ED Series of Solid-State Relays Publish Date: 2012-06-29

Crydom introduces the new LifePlus ED series of AC and DC output pluggable solid state relays.

Solid State Switching Technology Publish Date: 2013-01-17

Crydom’s solid state switching technology series including LifePlus ED, SeriesOne DR, SeriesOne DR Timer, PowerPlus DC & more available at DigiKey.

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Solid State Relays Publish Date: 2012-06-19

Crydom's solid state relays including defining SSR, the types of SSRs available, and typical applications.

Duration: 10 minutes
PMP Series Proportional Control SSRs Publish Date: 2017-11-30

An introduction of Crydom's PMP series Proportional Control SSRs, including key features and benefits, and ideal applications.

Duration: 5 minutes

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Crydom Corporation Capabilities Video

The 5 minute video provides an overview of Crydom, its operation, as well of its available products and services. Crydom is a brand of Sensata Technologies.

Crydom TechLab - How to perform an operational on-off test on a solid state relay

Episode 1 of the Crydom TechLab Video Series shows the basic connections necessary to install a Solid State Relay as well as the step by step process on how to perform an operational on-off test.

Crydom TechLab 3 - How operating conditions of SSRs and Contactors impact their output rating

Episode 3 of the Crydom TechLab Video Series explains the relationship between the 3 most significant variables that effect solid state relays and contactors' performance: load current, heat sinking and ambient temperature.

The Ultimate Solution to Start and Stop a Motor

What are the most common solutions in the market to start and stop a 3-phase AC motor? And what is the ultimate solution that combines all the advantages in order to have the most reliable and performing start, stop and reversing control of a motor?